Lone Nut Leadership

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A lot has changed since January:

  • I’ve added a few new titles to my repertoire: Curator, Producer, Alchemist, Partner
  • I’ve worked harder, longer hours than ever before – and never been happier
  • The number of completely amazing, truly brilliant people in my life has exploded
  • I have a new business partner and new business model
  • The words “pillow-fight”, “flute”, and “client” have deep new meanings for me – all underscored with Laughter

I blame Dan Pink and that night at Politics and Prose.

I blame, TED, of course.

But mostly, I blame Patrick Smith.

I’ll let Derek Sivers explain.

You see, Patrick Smith has been my Lone Nut. And TEDxPotomac our movement.

It consumed us. It challenged us. It transformed us all.

Even though it was his crazy idea to bring a real TED-like experience to DC, Patrick truly “embraced me as an equal” (hehe, not literally Daniel and Irita) that night at the bookstore, the first of many nights over the last 6 months where we were the last “men” standing – dreaming and scheming over the details and stories to tell on May 20, 2010.

It’s no wonder I couldn’t wait to invite others to follow along. As a result, I think, TEDxPotomac was more than a single event within the larger TED and TEDx movement, it has become a movement in itself. One whose momentum continues to pull me forward – with laughter and smiles so big my face hurts. Seriously, just look at those grins.

Yoko K., Neil Takemoto, Jill Foster, Michelle Hoffman

Team MindMeld

So Patrick, my friend, my Leader, my Lone Nut, what’s NExt?

I’ll follow you anywhere, and Jill’s coming along for the whole ride next time. Unless, of course, one of us is driving.

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