Alter Ego Series: Betty’s Escape

While working on a post this morning about a real person with a famous alter ego who’s been very busy of late, (look for that soon) my attention drifted out the window to this perfect sunny day and the amazing cloudless sky.

Still under the effects of The Dust & The Man and easily influenced, my own alter-alter ego, Betty, had no trouble escaping.

Under her spell, she dragged me down the street to Pfeiffer’s Hardware store and Samber Market, knowing she’d find the tools she needed to create one of her masterpieces of mirth and mayhem.

Tools for Mirth and Mayhem

Admittedly, I didn’t try very hard to fight her.

Inspired by a great conversation with Charles Planck at Affinity Lab’s last happy hour (That’s Charles at the beginning of the video) , I’m really curious – and a little bit afraid – to see  how this experiment in bringing Playa Practices into the “default world” will play out.

The results are already in on the product. The Son says of his first taste of Sun Cake – “Delicious.”


As for the rest, it should be fun or at least funny. If not, well…Let them eat cake. ;-)

And in honor of all the many Fearless and Fierce women from today’s Women Who Tech, Thanks for the inspiration!

Watch out Washington - Betty's on the loose!

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