Posted by michelle in Strengths on April 17, 2008

Does your career need rescuing? Do you feel like business growth is being measured by steps and missteps rather than leaps and bounds? Are you battling the same battles over and over with your own internal villains?

My friend, you need a Superhero Sidekick for a Superhero makeover.

TBD Unlimited and The Burning Desire help individuals and small businesses unmask their inner superpowers for career advancement and business development by focusing on “public speech”, what you’re saying about yourself or your business  - onstage, online & on the networking circuit.

We’ll work together – side by side – to rewrite and retell the tale of your professional experience or the saga of your small business. Then, you and your team will feel empowered and energized to create new stories and adventures using the TBD Philosophy, three key principles used by superheroes everywhere:

  1. Do what you do best and what comes naturally
  2. Do what you love most with the greatest of passion
  3. Do what you do to make the world a better place

Whether you’re just starting out, starting over, or starting something new, I offer a range of strategies, individualized plans and hands-on implementation using my *own* superpowers – deep experience and expertise in:

  • career & organizational coaching
  • client relations & mad networking mojo
  • public speech writing, preparation & coaching
  • product development & interactive project leadership
  • a penchant and passion for superheroes and superpowers
  • and something I like to call Creative Alchemy Consulting

Creative Alchemy Consulting is my innate ability to connect seemingly disparate ideas and people in ways that spark new ideas and open new pathways to success, whether that means a new job, new customers or a new business model with a new product.

Come on, let’s set the world on fire.


The Burning Desire

Superhero and Side-kick for Hire

(Available for first-time works, sequels, and remakes.)